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Celebrating Older Persons Day

We celebrate Older Persons Day on 1st October by catching up with residents who make a huge positive difference to the lives of others. Here we tackle outdated stereotypes and negative attitudes and show the achievements and contributions being made to society every day.

awards-4Sue & Tony – Won the Derwen Good Neighbours Award

‘We love to socialise with our neighbours and feel that organising events makes it feel more like a community. It makes it a nice environment for everyone to live in and allows people to get together and enjoy each other’s company and live in harmony’.

Tony used to play football for Newport County reserves. He volunteered to work at the velodrome at the Beijing Olympics. He met Chris Hoy and Vicki Pendleton and received a signed shirt from the team, which he framed and later donated to St Anne’s Hospice.

Their neighbours know they can knock on their door at any time.

‘We feel that they are just being good neighbours, we lived in a nice community before we moved to Churchview and love getting involved with other people’.

‘We are humbled that our neighbours think of us like that, it’s lovely’.


Mr Schulze – Won the Derwen Volunteer of the Year Award

His neighbour said, ‘He has made a lot of lonely elderly people’s lives a lot happier.’

Mr Schulze attended Crosskeys College studying engineering then went on to work at precision engineering.

‘I used to play football for Newport County when I was 17. I have also completed a Duke of Edinburgh award with the scouts completing many tasks including building a platform to a tree, caving and canoeing.

I run the community centre at Ridgeway and I am part of the committee. I enjoy booking the bus trips. I do this as it gets me out and gets everyone in the community together.

I was absolutely surprised and stunned to win this award, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know until the day that I had been nominated.’

 img_7489Mr Gregory – Won the Derwen Unsung Hero Award

Nothing along the way has stopped Mr Gregory from helping his neighbour and making a real difference to his life.

Mr Gregory tells us his story.

‘I was a chef when I left school and decided to continue this in college. I started at the bottom and eventually after 7 years became head chef at the Westgate.

I have progressive MS and suffered a heart attack 7 years ago that has left me with half a heart working. In December 2015 due to my diabetes I had both my legs amputated.

I like to go out with my daughters on a Wednesday night dancing away in my wheelchair. My daughters want to go home by 11pm but I’m quite happy to stay out to 4am.

My neighbour and I have become friends since I moved in. I don’t think of myself, I tend to think of others. I cook him meals, help him around the house and take him out.

I was proud as punch to win the award, it means a lot. My neighbour needed help and so I helped him. It was lovely to get the award I was nearly in tears as I’ve never won anything like this before’.

His neighbour said, ‘He has definitely had a good impact on my life, now I don’t feel as lonely as I did. We make each other cups of tea which we pass to each other over the fence.’

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