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Changes to Heating Maintenance Provider

From 1st April, all of our Heating Maintenance services including annual safety checks will be carried out by PH Jones, a long established and leading provider who are part of the British Gas group.

Working with PH Jones means we can move forward with our plans for major improvements to the service you receive, as part of our ambitions to make all of our maintenance services easy to book and manage online.

What you need to know

  • Just like the rest of our maintenance team, PH Jones staff will wear a Pobl logo on their uniform, they will have a Pobl logo on their ID badges and vans – so you know you can identify them and trust them to work to the highest standards. That’s because Derwen are part of the not for profit Pobl Group.
  • PH Jones will shortly be contacting those customers where annual heating and hot water safety checks are due.
  • If you receive a letter please respond to book your appointment, and play your part in ensuring your home is safe for you and your loved ones. If you have an existing appointment arranged you don’t need to do anything it will still go ahead as planned.

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