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Computer sessions at Stratford House

Over 6 weeks we have held computer sessions with the residents at Stratford House in Newport. Working with Roger, Kerry and Gareth from Charter with young trainees Lilly and Sam, we enjoyed having a chat and learning how to use e-mail, internet shopping, skyping to get in touch and see family in Australia and also how to use mobile phones and installing apps. John thought the sessions went very well and found it helpful how to send e-mails. “It was nice to work and learn with the younger people and I enjoyed it very much”.

Alan learnt how to use his new smartphone, “It was entertaining, I have learnt to use my first mobile phone and with the help of Roger and installed various apps on my phone”.

Lynda came along and was shown how to set up a Skype account and how to contact her sister. Lynda said that the sessions went well in a nice relaxed environment, it was nice to chat to different people. Everything was clear and easy to understand and broke down into easy steps. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I would come to these sessions again”. IMG_6650 IMG_6651

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