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Homes for Wales – End the Housing Crisis!

The Homes for Wales campaign brings together those who believe everyone has a right to a decent affordable home to call their own. The campaign has been set up to ensure that housing is a key political issue in the National Assembly for Wales elections. No one can make the case for a housing crisis alone which is why we’re asking you to add your voice to the Homes for Wales campaign. The housing crisis isn’t just about houses – it’s about people. 12,000 new homes are needed each year. Last year only 6170 new homes were completed last year. 5070 household accepted as homeless last year.

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These stories show you why Housing is so important!

We interviewed a couple of our residents Mr and Mrs Dale and Mrs Beaven to tell us why their home is so important. It was clear that having a secure, warm home and having friendly neighbours and living in a great community is vital.


Mrs D from Cwrt Twyncarn said she loves living there and told us what a wonderful place it is. She said, ‘the gardens are beautiful, the neighbours are great and I count myself very fortunate that I get to live here!’

I love my Home. Mr A is a man in his nineties who was living in a family home where he was used to living with other people. When he first moved into sheltered housing he was very lonely, forgetful, disorientated and frightened. He rarely went out or engaged with other residents and felt isolated in his home. He needed support from staff and his family to help him settle down and to explain what Sheltered Housing meant for him. Through a range of support measures and interventions Mr A is now settling in to his new home and adapting to living alone with regular visits from family, agencies and Derwen staff. He attends some activities held at the scheme and has made friends with other residents. He is getting more confident each day and company from other residents seems important to him. He goes out a few times a week with family and alone and feels more part of the community now.

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