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Pudding Club at Pant Y Celyn

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We’re delighted to team up with Cardiff Metropolitan University for a monthly Pudding Club at the Health and Wellbeing Hub.

Nutrition and Speech & Language therapy Students and Residents at Pant Y Celyn have thoroughly enjoyed the first two. Pudding Club brings together residents to cook, eat, explore nutrition, chat and share memories of their own family recipes.

Residents participate in the preparation and cooking of a delicious pudding to share with their neighbours. Here’s a few pictures of how it went!

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Some residents are experienced cooks but it has given some others the opportunity to try making something new that they never have before. It’s been a great chance to socialise with neighbours and also to socialise with new people.

Mrs Taylor said ‘ I thought I’d be nervous, but they (students) made me feel right at home. I really enjoyed myself. I’d have been stuck in otherwise.’

‘I didn’t know I could do anything like that but they talked me through it step by step. I really got on with the students, it was lovely, 10 out of 10.’ Mrs Beagen.

‘It’s been a reason to get out, talk, an enjoyable afternoon and the young people were so polite’ said Ada.



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