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Stratford House

Derwen Cymru - Stratford House


Stratford House
Shakespeare Crescent
NP20 3HW

Located in the Gaer on the west side of Newport, Stratford House benefits from large attractive gardens. It’s also close to shops, transport and a community centre. This quiet location is a mile away from the city centre and rail and bus stations. Residents enjoy activities such as craft and exercise classes, social excursions and Sunday teas. The scheme has a communal water meter while each property has its own gas boiler. No pets are allowed due to communal gardens.

“I have not been a tenant at Stratford House for long, but since I have lived here everybody has made me welcome. I have the choice of doing my own thing or going on trips and other things that happen here. I have joined our Bonus Ball and won a few times so that was good for me. I am very happy here and glad that I came here to live.” Mr Brian Williams


  • Communal kitchen and lounge
  • Parking
  • Laundry room
  • Guest room

For more information contact Derwen on 01633 261990 or email info@derwencymru.co.uk.

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